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As a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise, SignNexus has had the privilege of partnering with a number of diversity and inclusion-focused organizations over the years. We are proud that our ever-expanding roster of more than 200 interpreters can meet the various preferences of Deaf consumers. 


Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Lives Matter. Our agency works with so many people who have intersecting, marginalized identities. We stand firmly as allies, and we want to be part of the change. 


The communities we serve are extremely diverse, but the unfortunate truth is that the interpreting field does not yet reflect this diversity – even here in New York City. 


SignNexus is committed to doing the work within our own industry by actively addressing the diversity gap among interpreters in NYC. We are developing a mentorship program for Black and POC-identifying people who are novice interpreters to offer professional guidance and experience. We look forward to this exciting opportunity to support the success of new Black and POC interpreters in the field, and to better meet the linguistic and cultural needs of those with hearing loss. We'll be enrolling mentors and mentees throughout 2022, and partnering with other organizations that share these same goals.

Are you a BIPOC-identifying interpreter interested in freelance opportunities?

SignNexus is always working to further expand our diverse interpreter team. We seek to hire new interpreters from all racial, ethnic, cultural, and educational backgrounds.


Interpreters who might be interested in joining the SignNexus team are invited to submit a resume at the link below, and we will be in touch!

SignNexus is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer.

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